Moving Forward Grid Kit

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Step into action and take forward steps to reach your goals and plans. Clarifies the emotional processes, in turn enlightening creativity and inspiration. Assists in turning dreams into reality, and allows divine inspiration to flow freely. Assists us in taking decisive action during unclear circumstances. Helps release any residual energies that may be lingering. Clears mental confusion to help us select a direction in selecting our next steps. Balances the etheric field and keep motivated while being full of passion on where you want to go.Cradle of HumankindCradle of Humankind igniting the rebirth of oneself.  It allows you to go back to the foundations to start again from the beginning of the soul’s journey – reprogramming all that has gone before.  Cradle of Human Kind ignites joy and vitality by celebrating the beautiful humanity surrounding you.  It is very centering and grounding, especially for those who have been uprooted/displaced and need to find a new home within themselves. 

Hiddenite helps elevate your mood and assists you in healing emotional problems, such as anxiety and stress.  An excellent stone that brings spontaneity, joy, love and gratitude into your life.  Through this you develop genuine loving relationships.  An excellent stone to manifest abundance and prosperity.  Resonates to the Heart Chakra.

Auralite-23 as there are at least 23 different minerals (Titanite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Sphalerite, Covellite, Chalcopyrite, Gialite, Epidote, Bornite & Rutile).  Enhances healing, personal development and intuition on many levels. It is a stone of all empowering knowledge and inspiration. This is a stone that can help to remove prejudice and unnecessary judgment. Auralite-23 balances our physical body and assists with removing chronic problems within our body, reminds our body of its proper vital functions and brings forth regeneration and rejuvenation, activates all 7 of our main chakras and those above our head and below our feet, balances, awakens and opens our kundalini energies.

Fire Agate
Fire Agate has a grounding and protective force. Helps us to think for ourselves and not allow the opinions of others to negatively influence us. Fire Agate opens the channels of creativity, allowing divine inspiration to flow through. Stimulates the etheric body, refreshing the body, bringing a sense of vitality to one’s overall health. Assists one in taking decisive action in unclear circumstances. Fire Agate can be used for the treatment of poor circulation, lack of energy or depression. Increases passion and zest for living.

Red Tiger's Eye
Red Tiger's Eye has a strong grounding effect and will ensure your physical body is connected to the earth.  This stone will help you protect your integrity and other values you uphold. This is a beautiful stone for self-care and self-love and will strike a balance between the light and dark aspects of yourself, your yin and yang, your mind and heart and your earthy and spiritual aspects. This stone will enhance clairvoyance and provide spiritual clarity. Red Tiger'ss Eye balances your etheric field and also makes sure you stay motivated in all your pursuits while being filled with passion.  This stone allows you to let go of any thoughts that are not based in the vibration of love.

Singing Quartz
Imbued with the ancient force that created the Universe Singing Quartz resonates to the ‘Om’ vibration when two are brought together, like Tingsha bells. Singing Quartz stimulates healing helping to remove disease in the subtle body, brings balance as well as clearing and aligning the 7 Chakras and meridians. Connecting to the Crown Chakra it is a great stone for meditation, providing a gateway of communication with terrestrial and celestial beings. Singing Quartz can also help aid studying as it helps retain information and concentration as well as enlightening your creativity.

Citrine is known as the Abundance Stone. It attracts prosperity on all levels; health, wealth and joy. An empowering stone of the sun, it resonates to the solar plexus chakra, the Seat of Manifestation. It assists in turning your dreams and wishes into reality. Emanates the Golden Ray of joy and creativity.

Fluorite assists in clearing away mental confusion and fog to help one select a direction, commit to action and plan the steps needed to walk one’s chosen path. It enhances mental clarity, focus and concentration. Relieves anxiety, tension and stress, while removing fear of the future. Acts as a psychic shield that protects from chaotic vibrations. Green Fluorite promotes healing, self-love and helps bring in new ideas and creativity. Enhances the vibration of other stones.

Choose a Generator to complete your Grid!


This Crystal Grid Kit includes:
x 2 Cradle of Humankind ($3.95 each)
x 2 Hiddenite ($12.95 each)
x 4 Auralite 23 ($2.95 each)
x 2 Fire Agate ($2.95 each)
x 2 Red Tigers Eye ($3.95 each)
x 6 Singing Quartz ($1.50 each)
x 4 Citrine ($0.28 Each)x 2 Fluorite (2.95 each)

OPTIONAL -1 Clear Quartz Generator ($7.50 each)  If you already have a generator from other Grid kits, or select a Chakra or Energy Generator.
Product selection varies as each piece is unique and different.

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