Care & Maintenance

Your stone is a powerful vehicle designed and activated to assist you in moving through life with grace and joy. Wearing your Vibrational Gemstone raises your vibration, when you resonate your highest frequency you are activating your higher self.  It makes you feel happier, more balanced and joyful.

By following these simple care and maintenance instructions you will guarantee your warranty. Following recommendations will give you many successful years with your Kate King Vibrational Gemstone Jewellery. 

Energetically Cleansing and Charging your Gemstones 

Vibrational Gemstones collect energy when you are wearing them so it's very important to cleanse and charge them regularly. Just as you need to re-charge our cell phone, you must recharge your gemstones. With your purchase you have received a charging kit of Selenite and Lemurian Quartz that does this job simultaneously. The charging stones should remain in their separate plastic bag at all times. There is no need to remove the Selenite and Lemurian Quartz from this bag as it is active through the plastic.  After wearing your pendant, place your pendant into the plastic storage bag provided. Storing your pendant in the bag protects it from damage and oxidation that may occur under the metal plate. Separate the chain from your pendant, do not store them together. You can choose to place your pendant on top of the charging kit or place both inside your velvet bag or box.

You will not over clean or over charge your stones. If you skip clearing and charging your stone, you can do a "quick" charge of 15-30 minutes before wearing. If this is not convenient, you can do it at the next opportunity to ensure your stone is resonating at its highest frequency.

You can energetically re-charge Moldavite by exposing it to direct sunlight for 30 minutes per week but the charging kit does this work too.

Care and Storage of your Gemstones to ensure you are covered by warranty

Please keep your jewellery in the plastic bag when you are not wearing it. Tarnish is oxidation under the metal plating that can seep through and show on the surface.

Always separate your chains from your pendants for storage to avoid scratching the stones. Your Gemstone and setting will be scratched and damaged if stored in direct contact with the charging stones or chain. 

  • Keep your gemstones in a cool area.
  • Heat can affect the gemstones so leaving your pieces on a fireplace or in direct sunlight can damage or change the colour of some of your stones.
  • Do not clean your stones with salt. The salt energetically strips the stone, similar to cleaning a hardwood floor with stripper.
  • Do not wear your jewellery in the ocean, hot tub, hot spring or swimming pool as the salt, sulphur and chemicals are hard on fine jewellery. 
  • Do not shower or sleep with your jewellery. However, sometimes we forget and that's okay. Give your pendant a wipe with a clean soft cloth to remove any soap residue or oils from your skin. 

We recommend and sell "Organically Yours" Jewellery cleaner. Cleaning your jewellery once a month keeps your piece sparkling and protects if from tarnish.