Our Mission

Our company is dedicated to empowering people to manage their vibrational state so they can move through life with greater joy, grace and harmony. Managing your personal vibration enables you to contribute a more positive energy to humanity. By living in our highest vibration we can collectively elevate the frequency of our planet.

Choose Your Stone Change Your State

Kate's Journey

Kate King Jewellery is a vibrational gemstone jewellery collection based on Quantum Physics. Everything in the universe vibrates including us. Gemstones affect our body's vibrational energy.

Kate King Jewellery has a unique system of analysis to help you understand your vibrational signature. Your frequency is specific to you so it is important that your gemstones match and compliment your resonance. When you understand your vibrational signature you can make conscious decisions on the gemstones you choose to wear. When we are in balance and our vibration is singing we feel joy. When we feel joy, we transfer that joy to others.

Kate began researching crystal healing when she was battling a challenging illness. She came to understand the frequency of gemstones and how it impacts our vibrational frequencies. Through her study of Quantum Physics and holistic healing, she developed a method of analysis to recommend stones that harmonize the vibration.

When Kate began to observe and collect data on the physical vibrations it was evident that there were vibrational signatures with distinct traits. Our vibration motivates us to move through our lives in a specific way, it becomes part of our personality. It determines how we interact with ourselves and the world. When we understand our vibrational signature we understand something very unique about ourselves. It is a precious gift that helps us understand our nature and empowers us to be our best. When we use crystalline tools, our journey becomes a little easier.

At Kate King Jewellery we help you develop a Gemstone Toolkit designed to help you move through your life with greater ease and grace. Each stone does a different job. When we enhance our frequency it allows us to move out of the lower emotions quickly and engage the higher states of love, success, joy, abundance, and health. 

You can learn more about the gemstones we use on About our Gemstones