More than just beautiful jewellery, Kate King Jewellery is a Vibrational Gemstone Jewellery collection based on Quantum Physics.

Everything in the universe vibrates including us. Our gemstones are designed to harmonize your vibration and enhance your life.

All the gemstones found in our Online Collections are carefully chosen Storm Element Vibrational Gemstones with unique properties to work with any Vibrational Profile.  Storm Elements gemstones will harmonize everyone’s frequency, raising your vibration to empower you to remain in the resonance you desire.

The Online Collections are curated to browse the collections based on what it is that you most desire to change or enhance your life.

If you could change or enhance one thing in your life…What would it be?


Putting Kate's pieces on every morning feels like a blessing. Like the simple act of wearing this beautiful jewelry is a way of blessing myself and my day. I love my pieces like a love a friend. I can feel them clearing and raising my energy and I often pause in my day to put my hand over my piece, tune in, receive and say 'thank you.'

Kelly Tadlock, Ashland OR

Atlantean Spinel
Angel Aura Seraphim Mystic
I purchased my ``Angel Aura Seraphim Mystic Quartz`` pendant the end of November. I have been struggling with being stuck for a long time. I wore my pendant to 2 job interviews and will start work in a new position later this month. I'm feeling particularly blessed at the moment.

Sandra Giles, Calgary AB

Paraiba Homepage
It's hard to describe in words the way that wearing the jewellery makes me feel. It mostly feels that I am supporting myself and honouring myself, and because I was drawn to specific crystals that do different things, it's just an inner knowing and feeling that they are doing their job. And of course they look so exquisite, I feel honoured to wear them.

Kelly Henderson, Deakin, Canberra, AU

Ivy Fountain White Sapphire

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People who wear our jewellery have a story to share. Kate King Jewellery are Vibrational tools to move through your life with more grace and ease.

On our Share the Love page, experience our jewellery through the eyes of our community and review personal accounts of success and positive impact they feel wearing these Tools of Light.

We invite you to share your own journey with your pieces. If you have a story to share we welcome you to visit this page and fill out our easy to use form to submit your story.  Become part of our community and Share the love.

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