The Andara Collection

Coloured Obsidians, also known as Andara Crystals, are high frequency stones said to originate from the Galaxy. Known as the Dragon Stone, born from Volcanoes, they raise the vibration, supercharging the heart, third eye and crown, up through the etheric chakras to connect with our sacred selves. Sent to support the Star Children, they enhance our knowledge of who we are and what we’re here to do.  As I started to work with the beautiful Obsidian stones, I was overcome by the powerhouse activation that moved through my body. From my hand through my heart then onto my third eye and crown chakra, an intense frequency that tingled engaging the chakras, cleansing and activating. Andaras are master crystals with powerful activations for cleansing, lifting and enhancing the vibration. Connecting to universal knowledge, they fill the frequency with a supportive loving vibration.

They encourage us to be more thoughtful and loving, moving into higher states of being, cleansing and clearing the physical and energetic bodies enhancing health and wellness. They expand our perception and activate clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience enhancing our ability to know. 

They have a unique way of strengthening the “All that Is” building Universal Oneness. A clear channel to Atlantis and Lemuria emanating a loving, supportive frequency. Integrating and releasing are the blessings of Andaras. A balanced Storm Vibration everyone can enjoy these powerful allies. The fire element is unmistakable, super cleansing and purifying, releasing the energy of past experiences, activating a freedom from traumas that were part of the journey. They are so different in energy from other stones. Soft, loving and supportive while engaging the power of the Dragon and Volcano to dissolve old energy that has been integrated, cleansing and resetting the Karma. It’s a stone of initiation and preparation for the next level of the soul’s development.

Andara crystals are controversial, some claim that they are nothing more than glass. I feel blessed as a third generation kinesthetic, that I have my body as a barometer. I can feel the frequency and my experience spoke volumes about this material. There is no doubt they are one of the highest vibrational stones that will offer each user a unique experience to propel them forward. As with all the stones, they pick you. Those who are to work with them will know this is a stone of great power.

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