Warranty & Repair


There is a one (1) year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. If the jewellery is dropped or care instructions are not followed the warranty is void. The warranty is void if other cleaners such as silver dip, chemical silver cleaners, toothpaste or ultra-sonic cleaners are used. Failure to follow Care & Maintenance instructions will void the warranty.


If you damage your jewellery, we would like to assist in repairing it to its original condition. To maintain the quality of craftsmanship we may return the piece to Bali for our master silversmiths to repair.  Please contact us to provide you with an estimate. We do our best to keep these costs low.

Stone Breakage

If your stone breaks, and is one that we can replace, we offer a warranty replacement at 50% off regular retail price on the same piece. This is subject to availability.