• A charging kit is included with every pendant and earring purchase.
  • Chains ARE NOT included with pendants. You can see the name of the chain that the pendant is photographed on  in Product Details on the Product listing. They are available for purchase online.

There are 2 measurements included in the product details.  One is the size of the stone in mm and the other is the size of the pendant within the setting.  Grab a ruler or a measuring tape to help give you a visual of the size of the piece. Sometimes we have found it helpful to compare it to a common item such as a US or Canadian quarter to assess the size relative to that item. 

The size of a stone is related to the impact on its vibration on your frequency.

Whether a stone is lab-grown or earth-grown influences the size that we are able to offer a gemstone.  Typically we can produce larger lab-grown stones for a lower price point.  This allows us to get the “biggest” vibration from a stone but keep it economically affordable.  However, some earth-grown stones with strong vibration are still very powerful in smaller sizes and we are able to offer them in smaller sizes that keeps the price point accessible and elevates your frequency.  

Generally, the saying “the bigger the better” holds true in the case of choosing vibrational gemstone jewellery.

A rough guideline on the stone size you will commonly see in our collections.

9-12 mm are typically stones cut from material and by carat is quite expensive so we   cut it in these smaller sizes to keep the price of a pendant within most budgets.  

14-16mm stones are considered a smaller size stone and come in different shapes and dimensions. This size is popular for those starting out wearing our vibrational gemstone jewellery and will keep the price point at an entry level.  This stone size is often found set with a smaller second stone.

18-26mm are good medium size stones, these come in different shapes and dimensions. This stone range also is often set with a smaller second stone.

28mm and up are considered our larger size stones and do come in different shapes and dimensions.  These are also set with a smaller second stone.  The really big sizes 55mm for example are mostly set with just the main stone.  

We only use 925 Sterling Silver.  The Silver is plated in 22 karat White Rhodium, Yellow Gold, Black Rhodium or Rose Gold plating. The chains are 18 karat. The cost of the plating follows market value so sometimes one type of plating may have a higher cost at the time of production so will be priced accordingly.  

Please note that the wearing of the plating has different effects on different bodies.  As everyone has their own special chemistry some have found that plating will wear more quickly than on others. Please follow the care and maintenance instructions that come with your piece so as to ensure its longevity and remain as beautiful as the day you got it.  

We do not make every stone in every size and shape and in every plating. It will depend on the gemstone so we may have it but sometimes a specific shape or size stone just isn't available in that collection. Send us a message and we can let you know!

Sorry we do not make custom jewellery! We do not work with stones that we have not sourced. We are able to consider Special Orders for specific requests. Please note there is usually a 4-6 month time frame on Special Orders.

We do not currently make rings. Our main jewellery collections are Pendants, Earrings and Chains!

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