Shift Grid Kit

Shift Grid Kit

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Storm Element
  • Transformation, abundance, manifesting

Embrace shift and welcome in abundance, transformation, and raising the frequency into the spiritual realm. Expand your manifesting and cut through any patterns that hold oneself back from the path of personal evolution. Support change and transformation while keeping protected, empowered, and grounded. Shift your frequency and manifest your dreams into reality.

Citrine is known as the Abundance Stone. It attracts prosperity on all levels; health, wealth and joy. An empowering stone of the sun, it resonates to the solar plexus chakra, the Seat of Manifestation. It assists in turning your dreams and wishes into reality. Emanates the Golden Ray of joy and creativity.

Columbian Quartz

Colombian Quartz is incredibly clear and run at a very high vibration, among the highest in the Quartz World. They are fantastic healing companions, helping one make sound unemotional decisions. While these decisions help serve one’s self interests, they also stay within harmonic alignment with what is good for humankind and the planet as a whole. They help to cut through any negative belief patterns that are holding one back from moving on with one’s soul’s purpose for this lifetime.


Amethyst resonating the Violet Ray, this stone is a powerful vibration for Light Workers and spiritual seekers. This spiritual stone deeply activates the third eye, crown and etheric chakras. Activates communication beyond the veil. One of the Pillar of light stones, it provides excellent protective aspects, breaking negative attachments and cording. Supportive for recovery from addictions and addictive behavior. Helps to discover the root causes of addictions and disease so they can be cleared. This is an excellent stone for healers and Light Worker treatment rooms, as it assists in breaking up negative energy when it is cleared.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity that brings truth and balance to the mind, body and spirit. It calms and soothes the systems and helps one to be more receptive to recognizing unnecessary patterns of negativity, self-defeat and victimization. It supports change and transformation in your life and helps you to find the strength and willingness to shift your life for the better.

Choose a Generator to complete your Grid! 

Shift Grid Kit

This Crystal Grid Kit includes:
x8 Citrine
x8 Columbian Quartz
x4 Amethyst
x4 Snowflake Obsidian

Generator not included, If you already have a generator from other Grid kits, or select a Chakra or Energy GeneratorProduct selection varies as each piece is unique and different.

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