Biron Emerald
Biron Emerald

Biron Emerald

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Storm Element
  • Centers you in the energy of loving kindness.

This is a stone of alchemy, a bio identical Emerald, it activates the energy of the Sun, magic and the power of creation. One of the purest emanation of the Green Ray; it activates, opens and cleanses the heart and higher heart. Activates growth, healing, compassion and shielding. This stone unites you with the energy of Kuan Yin, Green Tara and Archangel Raphael. Centers you in the energy of loving kindness. Channels the highest healing vibrations, removing fear and anxiety. It activates the fresh energy of revitalization and renewal. This amazing stone is an energetic powerhouse that engages the energy of healing, success, and financial abundance while staying centered in the heart.


Discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893, Moissanite was originally found in meteorites and as inclusions in Diamonds. It is the hardest material next to Diamonds, at 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale with Diamonds are 10. Its chemical composition is very close to Diamonds, containing Silicone and Carbon. This stone is all about personal power, the strength of conviction and endurance. If you want to know the secrets of your own soul, Moissanite is a wonderful stone that will help you discover your unique nature. It activates all the chakras and meridians, intensively stimulating the Rainbow Light Body, your spiritual vehicle. A stone of the Star Children assists in knowing yourself, activating a centring, joyful confidence. It assists in standing up for your beliefs with kindness. Resonating the powerful Rainbow Green Ray, it enhances compassion, love, healing, and wellness.

Chains are not included with Pendant purchase. Please open Product Details to view size and further description


Medium rectangle 2 stone Biron Emerald set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold
2nd Stone is Moissanite
Vine bale
Pendant measures: 37mm L x 11mm W; Stone measures: 11x17mm
Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver chain plated in Yellow Gold plate (not included)

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