Paraiba Effect Spinel

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Storm Element
  • This stone invites you to walk your true path with grace and empowerment

A stunning greenish blue colour that dances with life, our “Paraiba Effect Spinel” is associated with the energy of Atlantis and Lemuria. It ignites joy, optimism, and truth. Many of us feel we cannot be who we truly are. The frequency of this stone invites you to walk your true path with grace and empowerment. Assists in communication, opening the throat, third eye and crown chakras. It links us to the Angels of joy and abundance. They promote inner strength, compassion, and connection with ancient wisdom. A stunning stone both visually and energetically. Discovered in 1989 in Paraiba, Brazil, Earth Grown Paraiba Tourmaline is very rare. It is the most expensive of the Tourmalines and is treasured for its beauty and power.

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Paraiba Effect Spinel studs in sterling silver and plated in White RhodiumStone measures 7mm x 7mm*Due to safety and hygiene there are no returns on earrings

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