Labradorite Hearts

Labradorite Hearts

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Storm Element
Known as the stone of magic, it awakens a connection to magical abilities. Labradorite activates rainbow light energy wherever it is placed. Activation of the Rainbow Light on the physical body or in our home brings in the frequency of joy and harmony. Excellent for accessing the Akashic records, they activate self-mastery, self-discovery, and activation of the psychic senses. Useful for Shamans, Magicians and anyone working with the unseen, it offers a tool for bringing in awareness of other dimensions and working with energies beyond the veil.


Pocket-size pieces of Labradorite -Sizes vary within each category and selection is made randomly
Measurement of pieces: approx 1.3" H x 1.5" W
Perfect for grid building, carrying in your pocket or adding to your space 

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