Imperial Pink Sapphire

Imperial Pink Sapphire

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Storm Element
  • Moves you into the frequency of wisdom and love

Imperial Pink SapphireThis stone combines the Imperial Golden Ray of wisdom and the Pink Ray of love. The Imperial Golden Ray activates the intellect and Christ Consciousness, while the Pink Ray opens the heart and attracts love. Wisdom is one of the most empowering frequencies we can engage. It activates non-judgement and grace, two of the greatest gifts you can bestow on yourself and others. This stone unites you with your sacred self and your divine life purpose. Confidence and happiness blossom when you forgive and love yourself completely. When you accept yourself and everyone else exactly as they are you can live with honor, loving kindness and freedom. Engaging this stone elevates the frequency and ignites a passion to be your best.

Rutilated Quartz

Clear Quartz with filaments of Gold, Silver or Copper. Known as a powerful abundance and prosperity gemstone. The Rutile quickens the manifesting ability of Quartz. To program your piece, hold it in your hand and look at the Rutile, state your desire and visualize the outcome. Your intention will be super-charged and quickened by the Rutile threads. It opens all the chakras and energy pathways in the body filling the physical body with high-frequency light. Excellent support for people who overwork. Elevates the mood and eases responsibilities.

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Medium 2 stone Fan shape Imperial Pink Sapphire set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium
The second stone is Rutilated Quartz
Mandela bale plated in Yellow Gold
Pendant in setting measures: 70mm L x17mm W; Stone is 37mm x 17mm
Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Included (not included) 

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