Hiddenite (Rough)

Hiddenite (Rough)

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Hiddenite is composed of lithium aluminum silicate, it is in the same family as Kunzite. Lithium, a unique component that is invaluable for dissolving old trauma, stress, anxiety, combines with the beautiful influence of Jupiter to produce a frequency of healing and empowerment. Excellent for removing strong emotional imprints and reactions, empowering you to walk your path with grace.  The influence of Jupiter attracts success, abundance, love and harmony. This stones goes one step further to enhance charisma and personal power. A beautiful combination of softness and strength. Excellent support to move into the higher states of being.


Pocket-size pieces of Hiddenite-Sizes vary within each category and selection is made randomly
Measurement of pieces: approx 1"
Perfect for grid building, carrying in your pocket or adding to your space 

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