Heart Expansion Grid Kit

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Expand your heart and activate compassion for yourself and others. Opens and activates divine love and activates transformation. Assists in communication as it allows one to express true thoughts and feelings and assists in seeing another's point of view. Frees you from the pain of your past and transmutes negativity into positive energy. Lifts the veil and raises the frequency of love and harmony in your space, and your heart, allowing you to see the divinity in everyone including yourself.

Apophyllite emanates the frequency of the highest Realms. This vibration brings the energy of the Angels into your environment. It is one of the most powerful tools for lifting the veil and bringing in the energy of love and harmony. These amazing stones raise the energy in your home, raising the life force and dissolve negativity. They assist in healing and facilitate the enlightenment of all who work with them.

Amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth. It allows one to move from fear of judgment or confrontation into their own truth, beliefs and values. Assists in communication as it allows one to express true thoughts and feelings without becoming over-emotional. Enables one to see another’s point of view to obtain peace and helps to see both sides of an issue objectively. Activates all chakras, particularly the Throat and Heart chakra, enhancing loving communication. Combines and balances feminine and masculine energy. Helps set boundaries and internal discipline.

Shakti Mystic
Combining the Ruby Violet Ray of Archangel Uriel and the Violet Ray of St-Germain, this powerful stone is a vehicle for mastery of Divine love. The Ruby Ray assists in freeing you from the pain of your past, enhancing tranquility, grace and spiritual healing. Intensely opens the heart and replaces anger with love. The Violet Ray completes this transition by transmuting negativity and connecting with your spiritual center. Called the Ray of the Buddha, this unites our Divine path with out physical realities.

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and manifests prosperity and wealth. It is considered one of the luckiest stones that boosts one’s winning chances in any circumstance. It releases old patterns, habits, and past disappointment so new beginnings can take place. It enhances creativity, motivation and leadership qualities. Carries a strong connection to Earth and guards against environmental pollution. Soothes quick tempers. Opens the heart chakra and attracts love into one’s life.

Singing Quartz
Imbued with the ancient force that created the Universe Singing Quartz resonates to the ‘Om’ vibration when two are brought together, like Tingsha bells. Singing Quartz stimulates healing helping to remove disease in the subtle body, brings balance as well as clearing and aligning the 7 Chakras and meridians. Connecting to the Crown Chakra it is a great stone for meditation, providing a gateway of communication with terrestrial and celestial beings. Singing Quartz can also help aid studying as it helps retain information and concentration as well as enlightening your creativity.

Choose a Generator to complete your Grid!


This Crystal Grid Kit includes:
x 6 Apophyllite ($1.95 each)
x 1 Amazonite Heart ($8.95 each)
x 3 Green Aventurine ($4.95 each)
x 3 Shakti Mystic Points ($5.95 each)
x 6 Singing Quartz ($1.50 each

)OPTIONAL -1 Clear Quartz Generator ($7.50 each)  If you already have a generator from other Grid kits, or select a Chakra or Energy Generator
Product selection varies as each piece is unique and different.

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