The Gemological Institute of America describes Hydrothermal Quartz as “A silica-based form of lab-grown Quartz. The process of growing Hydrothermal Quartz is slow and expensive. It is the only method used to grow Quartz in a lab. It imitates the conditions deep in the earth that result in the formation of natural gems. Nutrients are dissolved in a water solution, and then crystals form as the solution cools.” The resulting stones are identical to the earth-grown gems except they are grown in a lab. Lab-grown Quartz is more desirable for use in computers, watches and scanners as the vibration of the molecules is faster and more organized. Lab-grown Quartz is purer than earth-grown Quartz as there are no impurities, called inclusions, to slow the spin of the molecules. These powerful stones make excellent vibrational tools. Easily felt by the physical body they intensively activate the entire chakra system.