Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, starts on Feb 1, 2022 The date is different every year. It's determined by the Lunisolar calendar according to the date of the new moon each year between Jan 21 and Feb 20. The first day of the Tiger (also called Water Tiger)  is Feb 4, 2022.
We are ushering in the year of the Tiger. This will be the perfect energy for bold action towards manifesting your goals and desires. The Tiger is a strong, noble,  purposeful animal, a symbol of power, vigor and stealth. They are loyal, fierce and family-oriented, so this year will be supportive to happy family life. Tigers are quick to pounce, this energy will make for rapid changes so this year's motto is “Be prepared”. 2022 will be active and full of changes. People focused on achieving new goals or standing up for what they believe in will be supported by the energy of the Tiger. 

Water energy is symbolic of creativity, sensitivity and flowing change. It is a powerful energy that can find its way around any obstacle. It will be prudent to stay in grace as tempers can flare in the year of the Tiger. Beware of drama at home and the workplace. Tiger years can see unexpected opportunities and good luck, as well as outlandish dreams and goals, becoming reality.

Dream big and expect the unexpected. It's going to be a crazy ride.

Ignite Confidence, Happiness and Personal Power

For the perfect energy to launch the Year of the Tiger engage Moissanite. This stone activates personal power, strength of conviction and endurance. If you want to know the secrets of your own soul, Moissanite is a wonderful stone that will help you discover your unique nature. Moissanite resonates the Rainbow Ray activating the supreme state of bliss. It activates all the chakras and meridians, intensively stimulating the Rainbow Light Body, your spiritual vehicle. A stone of the Star Children, it assists in knowing yourself, activating a centering, joyful confidence. It assists in standing up for your beliefs with kindness. Discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893, Moisannite was originally found in meteorites and as inclusions in Diamonds. It is the hardest material next to Diamonds, at 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale with Diamonds are 10. It’s chemical composition is very close to Diamonds, containing Silicone and Carbon. 

White Moissanite
Storm Element
Connect with Spirit and your Higher Self

White Moissanite resonates with the White Ray of Spirit and the Rainbow Ray of Euphoria. The White Ray is the Supreme Ray that contains and reflects all colours. It resonates to the highest realms and connects us to our soul essence and soul path. The White Ray emanates from our Sacred Source, as it enters our Earth frequency the resonance slows changing from the White Ray to the Rainbow Ray. This slowing of the vibration also makes the colours more vivid. This Rainbow Ray activates bliss and deep connection with Spirit. This is the Ray of Euphoria, Unity and Oneness.

Light Blue Moissanite
Storm Element
Activate Fluid Communication and Connect with the Highest Dimensions

Resonating the White Ray of purity, the Turquoise Ray of happiness and the Rainbow Ray of expansion, this stone is a powerful activator of bliss. It resonates with freedom, happiness, confidence, personal power, the strength of conviction and endurance. It activates all the chakras and meridians, intensively stimulating the Rainbow Light Body, your spiritual vehicle. A stone of the Star Children it assists in knowing yourself, activating centred, joyful confidence. It assists in speaking your truth with kindness. It softens the vibration and connects you with the highest dimensions. This stone resonates bubbly happiness and enhances fluid communication.


Dragonheart Mystic Moissanite
Storm Element
Kate King Jewellery Exclusive!

This Kate King Jewellery exclusive Moisannite holds the Ruby Ray of Archangel Uriel, the Angel of wisdom and illumination and the Rainbow Ray of expansion and bliss. Archangel Uriel is an Angel of immense light and power, emanating a supercharged, high vibrational frequency. The Ruby Ray is the key to connect to divine love. It is a call to action. It evokes enthusiasm, energy, confidence, passion, empowerment, and drive. This stone will lift you up and support you on your quest. This is the ultimate stone of sacred protection. It connects you with the energy of Spirit in the highest resonance of protection and support. It cuts through the emotions that pull you down, fear, anxiety, hurt feelings, apathy and stress. Stimulates drive and determination through a purification of the emotions creating fearlessness and love. When we combine the Ruby Ray and the Rainbow Ray, we supercharge the highest aspect of our soul with empowerment and connection with Divine Love.