Warrior Crystals

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What you need to know about Lost or Broken Stones

It’s probably happened to all us, you lose a favourite stone and you’re devastated.  Or you drop your piece and it cracks or breaks. You feel terrible, if only you had been more careful. Wait! Breath…. before you go down the road of mourning that “mistake”, reflect.

“What could this mean?”

One of our clients couldn’t understand why she kept losing the same stone.  he explained that she had a ring that she wore daily and she had lost the Ruby four times.  Every time she lost the stone she promptly had it replaced.  She just couldn’t figure it out as the jeweller who had done the repair on the last two replacements assured her he had made the setting extra strong to ensure the stone would stay in the setting.  She had tried different jewellers and in less than a month the stone was gone again.  When I analyzed her frequency, the Rubies vibration was her opposing element.  This is a frequency that doesn’t compliment her frequency.   If this happens to your jewellery you need to pay attention.  

Our Guides and Angels are committed to assisting us and often they will remove stones that are not in harmony with what we need. They will see to it that the stone either disappears, breaks, or is lost.  
So of course, this doesn’t mean if you misplace a stone that this is what’s happening every time. However, if you keep breaking the same type of stone or if you continually lose the same stone this is likely the case.  

But what about when they break or crack?  

Several months ago a good friend of mine dropped her Rutilated Quartz pendant. She was so upset as this was her favourite piece and she relied on it to assist her in building success. As Rutilated Quartz harmonizes all frequencies, I knew it wasn’t because this gemstone opposed her frequency.

What I have found is when stones break they are actually deciding to amplify their power.

In “Crystal Personalities” Patricia Troyer calls Quartz Points, Generators, Lasers, or Quantums that have been damaged, chipped, or broken “Warrior Crystals”.  She states that Warrior Crystals help you access your warrior qualities and assist sure you overcome illusion and self-limitations with truth, integrity, and absolute impeccability. One of the most beautiful things about healing crystals that have been dropped or broken is they often develop windows as a result.  These windows are gateways, rainbow generators that feed the Rainbow Light Body.  Remember that frequency is generated by the light bouncing off the interior crystalline structure so when you add a window you are adding another element for light to build on. Gemstone, like humans, shouldn’t be cast aside because they have been fractured. They are amazing tools of light to assist day to day life and they will continue to work and will even be improved if their structure changes due to dropping.  It can add a whole new dimension to the piece.