Virgo- Earth Element and Mercury-the winged messenger of the Gods.

Virgo- Earth Element Aug 23-Sept 22

As an Earth Element, Virgo are exacting, grounded and focused.

This is no accident as Mercury is your ruling planet. Mercury is the winged-helmeted messenger of the Gods, known to assist in logic, expression and processing large volumes of information. Mercury’s influence also stimulates your belief that you can do anything. It’s actually your meticulous attention to detail that serves as a way to help others, it gives you joy and a feeling of accomplishment. You love being in charge and you’re good at it! You are a great asset in business as you are industrious, methodical and thrill in finding efficient ways to work. You have a cool head and are excellent under pressure. Great at solving challenges, you will always find the best way to approach tasks. Earth elements have the vision to see the whole picture so you make great Managers, Directors and Accountants. You can be counted on to get it right the first time due to your attention to detail.  At times you’re a perfectionist with a practical, exacting nature.

Virgos are grounded and very loyal in relationships.

They are very devoted to their loved ones and choose with discernment. They have strong ideas about what they want and are very committed to their realize their dreams. Their families will enjoy their organized and practical nature.  Virgo is very reliable and dedicated.

Virgos, the Earth Element, may desire to relieve some of the intensity felt from being leaders  of structure and organization.

You take your role quite seriously and those around you may find your focus exhausting.  When the situation calls for some levity, Blue Green Spinel helps Type A personalities to relax and “smell the roses”.  

The lovely Blue Nano Quartz continues to support focus but keeps one calm and centred, allowing for "grace under pressure".  These Tools of Light assist and uplift your vibration wherever you may be in your journey of life.  Always a good great choice for any Gemstone Toolkit!