Sunstar Mystic Quartz-Stone of Joy and Optimism

Are you ready to embrace the energy of the sun and summertime? 

Sunstar Mystic Quartz is the perfect stone to choose when you feel like resonating with the frequency of confidence and happiness. We call it the energetic battery stone because it infuses you with joy and optimism while removing fear and doubt. 
Sunstar Mystic Quartz

Sunstar Mystic Quartz is like four stones in one

It resonates with four powerful rays to infuse you with the highest frequencies of transformation, happiness, revitalization, and self-love.

Activate the frequency of Success, Abundance and Joy

The Golden Ray activates Jupiter for success, abundance, health and happiness. This is the Ray of Godhead energy, connecting you with the Christ Consciousness, activating a connection with the energy of the divine and your sacred path in this lifetime. 

Open and activate your Heart

The Pink Ray assists in building healthy relationships with yourself and others. It vibrates the frequency of love, attracting love and opening the heart chakra allowing us to see ourselves and others through the eyes of our soul. This is the ray that cleans and opens the heart assisting in releasing old trauma and any emotion that no longer serves. Excellent for healing after ending old relationships and preparing for new love. 

Connect to the Divine

The Violet Ray of spirituality, transformation and protection, is the ray that dissolves old patterning allowing us to soar to new heights. 

Inspires you to Succeed

The Orange Ray infuses you with joy and optimism, removing fear and doubt. Releasing old emotions elevates your frequency to create confidence to fulfill your dreams. Manifest your heart's desire with drive and determination.