Star Children: What is the difference between Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children?

Originally posted August 2020, this article has been our most popular read. The Indigo Warrior Mystic Quartz, the Stone of the Month, is one of our top recommendations for supporting Star Children.

Star Children: What is the difference between Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children?

They are all Star Children. A Star Child belongs to a group of souls who have agreed to come to Earth to assist in the evolution of the earth. Star Souls have been incarnating on earth for over 100 years with the first wave being the original Indigos. 

When I first started to do my work as a Vibrational Jeweller I meet lots of Star Children born in the 30’s, 40’s and beyond.  They often remark “I can’t be a Star Child! I’m too old.” When I shared that the Star Children started to come to Earth in the early 1900’s it made so much sense to them. I remember one of our clients bursting into tears and was so grateful for the knowledge. Star Children are on a mission often feeling like they don’t fit in.

Indigo Children can be described as multitasking dynamos, a little attention deficit, and a little obsessive-compulsive. They have a warrior spirit and hate injustice more than anything.

They  have a unity consciousness and believe that we are all connected. They are here to break down all the systems that no longer serve. They often feel like they don’t fit in and are often the black sheep of the family. They feel a deep connection with the galaxy and stars and often have memories of being on other  planets or on a starship. They dislike unkindness and are happy, loving souls.  

The name Indigo describes their auric field. The early Indigos were pioneers with a strong spirit.  After World War II many Indigos came to earth to anchor justice and bring in new technology to propel the development of earth’s society. 1950-1970 ushered in a major wave of Indigo Souls. 

These souls were the system busters brought in to cut down the existing injustices and antiquated laws. The Indigos brought in the technical revolution and established the worldwide web. Highly sensitive and psychic, many don’t enjoy these gifts that make them different. In an effort to fit in they often close the third eye to limit their gift of clairvoyance creating issues with migraine headaches.  Indigos are often labeled as Attention Deficit (ADD) or Hyperactive (ADHD), or somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. They are often brilliant with great challenges fitting into society. 

Crystal children are the next generation of Star Children. You will know the Crystal Children by their eyes, beautiful large eyes, full of kindness and love.

The Crystal’s began coming in 1990, although some scouts arrived earlier. The Crystals are nature-loving, gentle souls who operate as a group consciousness with a global outlook, they live by the law of one. They understand the interconnected nature of all living beings. They are gentle, kind, loving and forgiving. Extremely clairvoyant, they can sense when someone is lying to them. They shut down in the face of violence or negative emotion. Here  to bring love and peace to this planet, many Crystal's have difficulty in a school environment finding it difficult to focus and conform to the classroom rules. Crystal's are non-verbal communicators preferring mind to mind communication, they often speak later than other children. Indigo's that spend time with Crystal's notice their gifts of clairvoyance are enhanced.

Indigo's can sync to the Crystal energetic and become more like the Crystal's.
I did an event in Edmonton over a decade ago. A client from Hawaii came in with her two amazing Crystal Children. We spent several hours together, they could see what I felt, the energy of the stones so beautifully.  When I came away from that event I found my clairsentience had developed into clairvoyance and I was so excited.  What an amazing experience.

The next wave of Star Children is the Rainbow Children. Highly evolved souls that have not incarnated before on earth, they are the third generation of Star Children here to complete the last stages of the work laid out by the Indigo and Crystal Children.

Many of today’s Rainbow Children are acting as scouts as other Star Souls follow. They have been born from Crystal parents. The Rainbow children are beams of light, bringing joy and harmony to their families. Souls in service, they are kind, loving and fearless. They have an extremely high vibration which can present as hyperactivity. They are enthusiastic and  creative. They are skilled in manifesting and can manifest almost anything. They exhibit strong healing and telepathic abilities. Here on a mission of service, these children are always working to help others. 

Star Children love gemstones. They are naturally attracted to the frequency and are transfixed by the stones. We have many Crystal and Rainbow Children who save their own money to buy vibrational gem tools. 

Living in the human body can be challenging for Star Children. Star souls resonate a very high vibration so living in the low-frequency human body can be challenging. Vibrational Gemstones are the perfect compliment for Star Children as they raise the frequency making it much more comfortable for the Star Child to live inside the human body.  

What Vibrational Gemstone Tools are the best to assist Star Children? 

Star Children are naturally drawn to Indigo Warrior Mystic Quartz

This is a powerful stone that connects us with the Stars, Mother Earth and our soul journey, the trinity of our spiritual destiny. The Indigo Ray assists in connecting the heart and mind, unifying the emotions and logic.  It activates compassion, motivation, communication, anti-worry and focus. 

One of the major challenges felt by Star Children is the disconnection from their galactic origins. This stone assists in connecting with the stars while remaining grounded and focused. It has a high frequency that maintains the high vibrational signature needed for Star Children and also resonates with the Platinum Ray, the master healing ray that unites us with our soul essence and connects with our sacred journey.

This is the time we charted to be here. Grounding the frequency of love and light on this beautiful planet Earth. We are here with purpose and determination. We had no idea it would be so challenging and this is the time for us to be loving, kind and determined. You are a catalyst. This stone will help you to be more resilient and stand as a beacon of light.  

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