Scorpio, And the Vibration of Passion


October 24-November 22

You are a Scorpio, passionate, determined, decisive and assertive.

Your resourcefulness in combination with your ambition will assist you in achieving your heart’s desire. The truth is a must if you're a Scorpio.  You are an amazing, inspiring leader, with unmatched dedication to your cause.  You’re intelligent, dedicated and loyal.  Exuding charm you will have a wide circle of friends.  You value security and will enjoy a beautiful home. You enjoy your family and will indulge the wishes of your those you love.

The emotional journey that you have charted for in this lifetime is intense.  You’re a cool customer until your passion takes over then you go into overdrive. You ride the wave of emotion feeling the highest highs and the most intense lows.  Scorpios are intense, strong, commanding, and passionate.  You can be jealous and suspicious which can cause intensity in a relationship.  Sometimes you can become over-zealous and don’t know when to quit.  You make an amazing mate and partner.  Born under the influence of Pluto, it infuses your journey with rejuvenation .  You can bounce back like a cat with nine lives.   Scorpios are known for their discrete nature, they know how to keep a secret.  You understand the orderly nature of the universe and tend to play by the rules.  Honesty is one of your primary values, you are brave and dedicated.    Scorpios will love the energy of our new Imperial Pink Sapphire.  This beautiful stone combines the Imperial Golden Ray of wisdom and the Pink Ray of love. The Imperial Pink Ray works to cleanse the emotional body and moves you into the frequency of wisdom and love.  You are a divine being on a mission to perfect your essence.  This stone unites you with your sacred self and your divine life purpose. When you accept yourself and everyone else exactly as they are you can live with honour, loving kindness and freedom.  Engaging this stone elevates the frequency and ignites a passion for being your best.  It unites your unique soul path with your physical path and instils the confidence and drive to achieve that.   This new stone is coming soon to our Online Shop....if would like to see it when it becomes available....sign up here and we'll let you know when it is available.