Sage Mystic Quartz-Stone of Compassion and Growth

The energy of Summer this year is all about releasing, learning, and transforming your life.

Are you feeling the weight of old patterns that no longer serve?

These patterns can be life-limiting and we rejoice as generational signatures are finally ready to be released so the new energies of Ascension can be fully engaged. We will experience stress when we release our burdens, shedding old baggage and patterning, remain faithful that the Universe supports us. As old patterns pass, and we take a last look, we can be hard on ourselves and others as we review our lessons.
Sage Mystic Quartz is an excellent tool for those who are feeling despondent or unheard.  It is the ideal support as we move through these major transitions into the new energies of growth and renewal. It assists in opening the heart and creating a sense of self-worth and self-love, increasing love, compassion, openness, renewal, and growth.  
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Emotional & Spiritual Energy
The mystical energy of the Sage allows us to move through our transitions with wisdom and loving-kindness for everyone including ourselves. It is an excellent tool for enhancing peace and harmony. Supporting the fluid release of energies that are completed and ready to be removed.

Calms and centers overzealous emotions.  Allows us to hear others and understand their perspective. It assists in opening the heart and creating a sense of self- worth and self- love.  It helps us move into the energy of love, compassion, openness, renewal, and growth.

The Platinum Ray in the Sage Mystic is a Cosmic Ray here to assist us with the Ascension process. It aligns and enhances all the chakras including the etheric chakras that create an energetic ladder to the soul essence. The Platinum Ray is the master healing ray that unites us with the energy of spirit. Helping us to align with our divine purpose and the Law of One. It lifts us up and reminds us that we are divine, all loving, all knowing, all seeing, all connected.

The Olive Ray combines the energy of the Green Ray of balance and truth with the Golden Ray of enlightenment. The Green Ray is the ray of healing, growth, expansion, renewal, compassion, and release. Combined with the Golden Ray, the Ray of the Christ Consciousness, it enhances enlightenment, wisdom, love and soul activation.
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Sage Mystic Quartz helps us focus and enhance our ability to seek wisdom, lighting our path to understanding and opening to new paths and ideas. Enjoy the unfolding season, embrace the process and focus on engaging with your higher self and purpose as we journey through summer.