It's all about Love

We all seek love, the human connection, to be loved and to give love is one of our basic needs. On Valentines we think of giving to our loved ones. When we are single we must nurture ourselves. This starts with self-love!

If we could see ourselves through the eyes of our soul we would be so grateful for the work that we have done, learning and growing though lifetimes of experience. We would be loving and respectful of our divine self, that is who we really are. Self-love, accepting and honouring who we are, forgiving ourselves for what we are not, are the first steps in all relationships of love especially the relationship with ourself. 
To attract love we must first fall in love with ourselves.

Sometimes our relationships get challenging and we can feel our relationship with our partner is not harmonious. Remember the first time you realized you were in love, the way you felt about your partner? This is the essence of our connection. We are all on a journey of stretching our soul. The most important thing when you are in conflict with your partner is to move through the challenge in your highest frequency. That means expressing yourself with respect and from an "I" perspective. Try to avoid pointing the finger and expressing your challenges as if they are a result of what your partner has done. Stay out of judgement.  We are responsible for our own journey and we can choose to live in joy, love and harmony. According to Michael Newton author of “Journey of Souls”, when we go to the other side, the only one judging our journey is ourselves. When we review our life, we will jump into the other person’s body and feel all the emotion they feel times ten.  We will then feel most proud when we work through challenges in grace and love.

Tara Mystic Quartz supports us in all aspects of our love journey. This stone awakens loving kindness, humility, grace, self-awareness, and compassion.  It activates a gentleness that encourages the wearer to be kinder to themselves and others. Remember the Law of One, ultimately we are all connected, your actions, thoughts and feelings are moving through the universe adding to the frequency. Be conscious, give love unconditionally, stay out of judgement, and move through your challenges with grace.