How to Increase your Home Vibration

Everything in the Universe vibrates including our homes.  Many people use sage and smudge to energetically remove negative energy. We can take it to the next level and do more than just remove negative energy.  Our collection of high vibrational geodes and crystals will inspire you to turn up your environmental frequency and get specific on the energy you want your home to resonate.

What do you need to enhance in your space?  Is it attracting joy, wealth, abundance? Or love and opening the heart? Do you want a greater connection with your Guides and Angels?

If you are a Light Worker and practice healing work, you understand that your clients slough off negative energy in your sessions. You will want to keep your space pristine energetically, placing a cloak of protection in this room. Using powerful Room Gems will transform the energy keeping your space pristine for you and your clients.  

Not all gem material is equal.  Many miners are primarily interested in getting the gems out of the earth in a quick, inexpensive manner, so they blast and remove the gems as quickly as they can as they do not recognize them as living.  In my opinion these stones are energetically shattered, the crystalline structure is compromised so it is unable to build and hold frequency like material that is hand harvested.

The other common practice is coating the geode with cement.  Most gem material is sold by weight. When it is purchased from the mine, the gem dealers will often coat the material to increase the weight and stabilize the geode so shipping is cheaper and easier. Cement is an energetic drain on the stones.  We don’t recommend or sell gem material that has been coated with cement for this reason.   Just as you do not place any gems or Geodes directly on cement as this will energetically drain the stone.

The Kate King Geode collection that we have loving called our Room Gem Collection are master tools for your home.We work directly with mines who love the gems as much as we do. When they harvest them, the stones are respected as living beings. 

All Amethyst act like energetic vacuum cleaners sucking up negative energy and turning it into positive. The Black Amethyst also creates a connection with Spirit and your spiritual path, Black Amethyst has an enhanced protective element. They act to bring in grounded energy and are excellent tools for anyone that needs extra environmental sealing by creating a powerful energetic cloak in the environment where it lives. Excellent for clearing negative patterning and energies.  

When Amethyst and Calcite grow together they offer a powerful “Bridge” energetic.  Excellent for anyone who is changing life path or cycles.  The Amethyst cleanses energy that no longer serves and the Calcite creates a pathway for birthing energy, opening the doorway to the future.  They assist in understanding the journey and allow a release and forgiveness of past events so one can focus on all the opportunity the future holds.  Powerful vehicles for manifesting, they empower and activate new cycles when used consciously. The Calcite is a powerful projector and can be used by Energy Healers for distance healing work. Program the Calcite crystal with what you will be doing and watch it amplify your work.  It acts like a personal assistant taking the healing to the next level.

Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal

Pink Lemeurian Point

These resonate to the Goddess energy, the Divine Mother and all representations of the Divine Feminine.  Lemurian energy wraps your space in soft, feminine, loving energy. The “Bar Coding” found on these amazing beauties, act like a ladder to the divine. They are said to contain libraries of knowledge from Mu or Lemuria and the Cosmos.  Lemuria was a highly developed culture based on emotional and spiritual consciousness. Excellent tools for connecting with all aspects of the Goddess and Divine Energies. They intensively activate the heart chakra and allow us to enter into expanded states of consciousness, accessing connection with our Guides and the Angelic Realm. Lemurian Seed Crystals also connect us with our galactic origins.  They assist in transitioning the chakras to the new frequency as our Earth transitions to a higher vibration.    

These amazing beings remind us we are never alone, that we are always connected to all. Centre your home in the frequency of love and connect with your Guides and Angels with these amazing beings of light.