How to use Rutilated Quartz to Turbo Charge Manifesting

Revered in Asia for its power and beauty, Rutilated Quartz is a master manifester resonating the frequency of success and abundance. One of my personal favourites, this stone is a must for anyone wanting to activate the path of success, abundance and empowerment. Wearing this stone supercharges manifesting by activating Jupiter, the lucky planet.

  • This stone is highly programmable and quickens manifesting.
  • To program the stone focus on the rutile and state your intention as if it were reality.


If you're trying to manifest success but old patterns resonate feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence or belief in your goal. You will have difficulty manifesting those desires because what your frequency is saying to the Universe is not in alignment with what you're trying to achieve. Your resonance must match what you are striving for.

Gemstones are vibrational tools for managing your physical state. The reason gemstones are used in computers, scanners and watches is because they vibrate. When we place a vibrational gemstone on the body the water in the body matches the frequency of the stone assisting in managing the physical state. 

How to use Rutilated Quartz to Turbo Charge Manifesting

Rutilated Quartz is highly programmable and will turbocharge manifesting.  To program your stone gaze at the Rutile and state your intention as if it were your reality. The manifesting will be supercharged and quickened by the Rutile Quartz combination. See the outcome as your reality and feel all the emotion you will feel when your intention comes to fruition. The manifesting will be supercharged and quickened by the Rutile Quartz combination. 

It cleanses and activates the chakras flooding the energy pathways in the body with high-frequency light. Great for people who overwork, its vibration feeds the frequency, building life force while activating healing and wellness. It's known to elevate the mood and ease responsibility.

A clear Quartz crystal with filaments or threads of Gold, Silver or Copper colour.  Many people think Rutilated Quartz contains actual gold, silver or copper but it is actually Titanium. Titanium is known as the metal of the Galactic Warrior and is excellent for instilling a feeling of empowerment. Known around the world for its power and beauty. Found in Brazil this stone is becoming rare in the highest grade due to its popularity. The clarity of the Quartz is very important and the high grade needed for Vibrational Jewellery is becoming rare and expensive.

There are many types of rutile from the fine Angel Hair Rutile which exhibits fine diffuse threads to the sheet of Rutile in the Cats Eye Rutile Cabochons. Cats Eye Rutile displays an eye in the center of the stone due to the dispersion of light. The highest grade of Rutile contains a Star formation. This is a rare and powerful form. Each arm of the Star can be programmed to achieve any aim. 

What are the varieties of Rutilated Quartz? 

Black Tourmaline Rutile in Quartz

Black Tourmaline is a popular stone for grounding, however the frequency is very low. It resonates with water frequency, making it a poor choice for most people. Black Tourmaline Rutile in Quartz, the master healing stone, resonates Storm Element making it harmonized for everyone. Like pressing a karmic reset button, this is an excellent stone for getting back on track. One of the Pillar of Light stones, it offers high protection from negativity and initiates a cleansing process that purifies negative energetic patterns. It carries full spectrum light that activates all the chakras and cleanses on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Excellent for Light Workers and Healers as it grounds and shields. It is known to transform negative energy released in healing sessions.

Brookite Rutile Quartz

Titanium Oxide Crystals rarely occur as Rutile in Quartz. The Quartz amplifies the Brookite making it one of the most powerful stones for out-of-body experiences. It activates the entire chakra column turbocharging the 6 and 7th chakras, continuing to activate all the etheric chakras connecting you with the highest realms. This stone has the ability to connect us with inter-dimensional energies and beings. Brookite is an ascension stone that quickens the vibration of the human body, enhancing the activation of our natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Aids in connecting with our Guides and Angels.

Golden Rutilated Quartz

Golden Threads of Titanium in Clear Quartz, the clarity of the Quartz host is important for maximum frequency. The premier stone of abundance and success it resonates to the Sun and Jupiter, the lucky planet. This stone resonates with the frequency of happiness and confidence. This stone is a master manifester and can be programmed to achieve any aim. Opens all of the chakras and energy pathways in the body filling it with high-frequency light. Excellent support for people who overwork. Elevates the mood and eases responsibility. Excellent for health, and prosperity on every level.

Red Rutilated Quartz

The Red Rutilated resonates with the Ruby Ray, the ray of Archangel Uriel, the greatest of all the Guardian Angels. He is the leader of all Angels of protection, including your guardian Angel.  He rules the mental plane, our thoughts, creativity, judgements, alchemy, and Universal Consciousness. You can call on him to clear limiting beliefs and old patterning that no longer serves.  The Ruby Ray is the ray of creativity, passion, drive, euphoria, fertility and manifesting. 

Titanium Rutilated Quartz

Titanium Rutilated Quartz is also known as Platinum Rutile. It resonates all the properties of Golden Rutilated Quartz. Titanium Rutile is a much softer frequency connecting to the energy of the Goddess and Divine Feminine. Soft and loving, resonating to the Moon, this is one of the premier stones of abundance and prosperity. The Platinum Ray is the master healing ray and resonates higher than the White Ray. Platinum is the metal of transformation, as Rutile in Quartz, it activates transformation and turbocharges manifesting. Excellent for health, wealth and success on every level. Opens all the chakras and energy pathways in the body filling it with high-frequency light. Elevates the mood and eases responsibility.