How to Heal the Heart Chakra with the Pink Ray 

LOVE!  Everyone needs it, everybody wants it, everybody can give it….so why does it seem to be so complicated?  

How is Your Heart Chakra?

Chakras are energy centers that have been written about for thousands of years. We have 7 major chakras, the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. These are like wheels allowing our life force or soul essence to flow in and out of our physical bodies into our  auric field. They are pulsing vortexes that respond to thoughts, emotions and experiences opening and closing, Expanding and contracting based on our life circumstances at that time.

Opening your heart is the key to living your best life

The Heart Chakra is the chakra of unconditional love and it is usually healthy until something emotional happens. Death, divorce, disappointment in personal relationships, negative interactions with others or disappointment in the self all impact the heart in a big way. They actually have a term on cardiac wards for people experiencing heart issues as a result of death or divorce as “Broken Heart Syndrome”.

We have worked with many clients navigating these challenges and it is remarkable how the stones affect the journey and outcome. Many of the inherited traits that impact the heart are created in our formative years and directly affect how we respond in emotionally charged situations. Knowing your own triggers and trauma imprints is a start, then integrating work with frequency stones to address the imprint and remove the trauma. The heart can be cleaned and cleared to make way for the blissful energy of love. Love for yourself, your family, friends and anyone who enters your field. The reason we are here is to hold the vibration of love for all humanity.  

Is your Heart Chakra out of balance?

When your Heart Chakra is out of balance feelings of disappointment, paranoia, fear of being hurt or feeling that you are not loved are prime examples of the emotional journey. Physical illnesses can manifest, including heart attack, heart palpitations, chest pressure, shortness of breath, insomnia, or unexplained worry. When we open the heart chakra we support the body to return to its natural state. Feelings of compassion, happiness, and love for yourself and others return when the heart chakra is open. 

Shasta Pink Sapphire, Stone of Unlimited Love

Shasta Pink Sapphire combines the Pink Ray of love and Violet Ray of transformation. A stone of unconditional love, transmuting negative into positive energy. Purifies the heart chakra healing past trauma and cleansing the emotional body. Excellent for dissolving depression, resentment and all the lower emotions. Highly protective and centering, it opens the heart and teaches us to love ourselves and others unconditionally. 

Return to love

When we support the heart chakra everything in love and relationships improves.  As I explain in this video, our heart chakra will close when we have gone through difficult times in a relationship or when a relationship ends.
When we support the heart chakra with the pink ray we are nurturing the heart with the love vibration. Love heals all. It is the frequency that helps us let things go and assists us in understanding the journey without judgment. 
Listen to our video on the Pink Ray and how it will support you in your journey to love, harmony and balance.  This love can be for anyone, family, friends and most importantly yourself.