How do gemstones affect our physical vibration and chakras?

Chakra Energy  

Everything in the universe vibrates including us. When we wear gemstones, it alters the vibration and can change the frequency of the physical body. When you see someone who is successful, you can see the frequency of success exuding off of their body by observing the specific way in which they talk and walk. In comparison, you can also see the frequency of someone who is depressed or uncertain by watching their mannerisms.

Our jewellery is designed as Vibrational tools that can assist you by enhancing your ability to create success, love or whatever you would like to attract into your life. Your body is 95% water,  it is a malleable frequency that will naturally align with the frequency of vibrational gemstones. Gemstones are a fixed vibration that is resonating at a constant rate, this enables you to change your state based on what gemstones you wear.

If you put on a frequency that is resonating to the vibration of success, your body automatically aligns with the fixed frequency of that gemstone moving you into the frequency of success. This allows you to enhance your journey by offering a tool that gives you the opportunity to control your state. Aligning with your chakra system is the most powerful way to wear Vibrational Gemstone Jewellery.

This is the gateway that your soul essence moves between your physical and etheric body. When you wear the gemstones on the chakras, you are taking the gem essence into your physical body through the flow of the chakras. This is why gemstones don’t need to be worn directly touching the skin and can be worn outside of clothing. Often times we get clients who want to purchase a piece of jewellery that is in the form of a ring, earring or bracelet. Rings, bracelets, and earrings are boosters that will enhance the pendants but are not powerful enough to affect the physical vibration.  

Our designs use pendants as the primary piece to move the empowerment of our Vibrational Gemstone Jewellery to your physical vibration.

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