How Amaterasu Mystic Quartz Will Help you Achieve your Dreams

Raising your frequency is one of the most important aspects to enjoy a state of success, happiness and harmony. Our mood radiates from us to our family, co-workers and everyone we interact with. From the cashier when we buy our groceries to the waiter at a restaurant we are affecting our environment with our frequency. Amaterasu is one of the most powerful activators of happiness, confidence and optimism. Even if your day is challenging you don’t have to become a product of your emotions, you can control your state with frequency.
Connect with the Energy of the Goddess of the Sun
This stone connects with the great and glorious Japanese Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. Considered the Mother Goddess of all mankind, she symbolizes purity, order, and divine authority. Emanating the Yellow Ray of the Sun and Jupiter this stone activates success, abundance, health, and wisdom. Combined with the Turquoise Ray of happiness it assists in achieving your highest path in this lifetime. Amaterasu will illuminate your way, dispel illusion, and help you to walk with integrity, confidence, and wisdom. She will lead you through the darkness into the light. 

4 Way to Work with Amaterasu to Achieve your Dreams

Activate the Energy of Success

Amaterasu emanates the Golden Ray of Jupiter. Known as the lucky planet when we activate Jupiter we are activating success, abundance, happiness, and health.

Program your Stone

Amaterasu Mystic Quartz emanates the Golden Ray of manifesting. To program your stone place your hand over your stone and give thanks for what you want to attract as if you already have it.

Radiate Confidence

Being confident is so important in every aspect of life. When you're confident you can achieve more and feel better about yourself. It helps you make more friends and creates ease in engaging with people in every aspect of your life. Confidence also affects the way you see yourself. It makes you feel happier and supports you in moving forward with your dreams.

Believe in Yourself

The Turquoise Ray supports happiness and harmony and helps remove blockages like fear, doubt and anxiety replacing it with happiness and belief in yourself. Allow yourself to be transformed into the person who will achieve all that your heart desires.

Our mission is to support you with frequency tools so you feel empowered to move through your life with greater ease and grace. Engage Amaterasu for the confidence and drive to achieve your dreams.