Happy Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon


Welcome to the Lunar New Year, The Year of the Wood Dragon. The Dragon is considered to be the luckiest of all the Chinese Zodiacs. It will be a year of bold, fiery energy. Said to have the potential to usher in good fortune, action and expansion. This is a year to expect the unexpected…happening at the speed of light. Fasten your seat belt as the energy changes from the tentative, timid Rabbit to the confident outgoing Dragon. This is a serious upgrade that will influence the energy this year. This is a year that will propel you forward so think big. The Wood element resonates the frequency of growth, expansion and good luck as well. It is important to have all your ducks in a row this year and put your best foot forward. Plan your work and work your plan then let the Wood Dragon work its magic.

The Dragon motif is prominent in our Collection at Kate King Jewellery.

The very first piece of jewellery I designed was a Dragon head Bale.  Our logo is a flying Dragon which is also one of our most popular and empowering Bales. I wanted the Dragon to be flying as this is the highest aspect of the Dragon. If you are using the image of the Dragon always ensure the Dragon has no boundaries as this will limit their power.

This mythical creature combines the highest aspects of eight celestial animals. 

The head of the Lion for courage, tenacity and leadership

The eyes of the Koi fish to see to the truth of any matter

The fangs of the Tiger for protection 

The body of the Snake to shed that which no longer serves

The scales of the fish to reflect the rainbow energy of light

The talons of the Eagle to secure that which is needed in this lifetime 

The tail of the Koi fish to move through life with grace and ease 

Wearing the Dragon unites you with its energy. Very powerful to enhance the year of the Dragons energy in your life. Dynamic and powerful, Dragons bestow good luck, healing, prosperity, wealth, strength and protection. 

Quan Yin and Buddha are often seen riding on the back of the Dragon.  Galactic’s, Atlanteans and Lemurians have deep connections to the Dragons. Said to be the keepers of the Galactic sacred knowledge, they carried this knowledge down to earth in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Dragons were the Master Teachers and lived deep inside mother earth in crystalline caves.  Atlanteans and Lemurians would travel through portals to the center of the earth for education and advice.

Many Golden Blessings to you and your family in this powerhouse year of the Wood Dragon! Engage the sacred and powerful energy to enhance your life in 2024.