How to Choose your Daily Gemstone

Mystics group  
Your gemstones are powerful tools of light selected for their vibrational properties and treated as live, vibrational beings throughout the manufacturing process. Your pendants are "Tools" in the your Gemstone Toolkit, enabling you to balance your personal vibrational frequency to create harmony and grace.

One of the main questions that I get asked often is how to choose the right gemstone on a daily basis?

I recommend taking a look at what your day is going to entail and what you are going to be doing. Perhaps your day involves a business meeting and you need to remain grounded and focused while making important decisions. Are you required to resolve conflict within a relationship and need to carry peace and love to the conversation?  Maybe you are desiring to bring more joy into your life or are you working on health, confidence, or self-love? If you've built your Toolkit over time, you will have gemstones that resonate a frequency that will support any task or challenge that you face.

Often times I suggest to clients carry one or two pieces of jewellery from their Toolkit with them so they can switch their stones if new situations arise during the day. 

This enables you to control your state from moment to moment as it only takes minutes for your vibration to change according to the gemstones that you are wearing. For example, if you are at work and are faced with an unexpected challenge with a co-worker it may create an adrenalin response in your body or an anxiety hit. Changing your gemstone to one that soothes and calms you and provides you with the opportunity to manage the situation in a higher vibration rather than allowing a more immediate "fight or flight" response. 

Listen to your Intuition

Sometimes our heart and soul need to take over and we need to follow. Our mind keeps track of our plans for the day but our heart and soul know where we're headed.  So when you feel stuck and you just don't know, stop, let yourself be pulled and follow it. Put on the gemstone that you feel strongly attracted to that day.  This is your intuition, guiding you to choose a gemstone that will support you.

Build your "Toolkit"

Be sure you are registered in our exclusive Kate King Insider portal.  We've created a system in which we add each piece of jewellery you purchase to your individual Toolkit. We keep track of what you own so we can better assist you as you build your personal Toolkit. We can even add future choices to your "wishlist", making special occasions easy for those that love you.

Ultimately when you know what vibration you want to bring to your life, you will be empowered to make a conscious decision of what gemstone will support you.