Avatar Mystic Quartz-Stone of Divine Wisdom


As we move through these changing times it is so important to cultivate compassion, loving-kindness and wisdom. Staying in our center and not being affected by the emotional journey of others is paramount to holding our frequency. I will always remember my Doctor's words when I was on my healing journey. “When you keep your frequency high, nothing can affect you in a negative way physically”. Think about the Chinese Monks who eat glass, or walk on fire. Frequency and belief are everything. This year our Vibrational Tool Kit is so important as managing our state is the key to maintaining peace, serenity, sovereignty, health and happiness. 

That brings us to our Stone of the Month Avatar Mystic Quartz. 

What is an Avatar? 

Avatars are the manifestation of Supreme Beings in human form. They fight against injustice, restore the balance of nature, teach enlightenment, secrets and wisdom. Walk with grace, empowerment and purpose. Cultivating the frequency of the Avatar helps to feed the sacred grid of humanity. We are all contributing energy to this grid! When we are emanating the frequency of the Avatar we are loving, centered and connected to the frequency of Spirit.

Avatar combines the Golden Ray the Christ Consciousness and Unity Consciousness with the Violet Ray of St Germaine. 

So what is Christ Consciousness and how does Avatar Mystic Quartz connect us to Divine Wisdom?

Christ Consciousness is the belief that everything in creation is a manifestation of God’s consciousness. It is an understanding that the higher self is a part of a higher universal system. It is a state of mind; an understanding that there is an omnipresent force connected to every being and every event, therefore there is perfection unfolding in every circumstance. Think of a time when you lamented over an event that took place in your life, that you thought was a disaster, only to realize after some time what a great blessing occurred as a result of that event. When we engage the energy of Avatar Mystic Quartz we are connecting with the Golden Ray of the Christ Consciousness activating confidence and knowing that everything is in divine order. This gives us freedom from emotional struggles.

The Violet Ray connects us with our higher self and sacred path. It dissolves all the lower emotions that no longer serve. The human journey is all about emotions. Emotions can be challenging as they take us on a journey that is sometimes a complete illusion. So managing our emotions is paramount to maintaining compassion, and loving-kindness. In the last 18 months, our society has become more polarized and judgemental. To live in our highest path, removing judgement is one of the most powerful gifts we can bestow on ourselves and others. It eliminates conflict and polarization.

One thing that motivates me every day is to assist you in managing your state. Vibrational gemstones are a magnificent way to change your vibration. When we wear vibrational gemstones, the water in our body matches and mirrors the frequency of the gem. It's the same reason we can use gemstones in computers, scanners and watches, it's because they vibrate. Building your toolkit to resonate with the frequency of what you want to attract into your life is personally empowering.