Violet Flame Mystic Quartz

Violet Flame Mystic Quartz

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Violet Flame Mystic Quartz is associated with protection from negative entities & transmuting negativity into the light. It is usually associated with the Third Eye & Root Chakras, bringing energy, excitement & motivation for life. It has a high energy & is helpful for removing energy blockages, encouraging a natural flow of creativity. It is said to be a great crystal for assisting with clairvoyance, telepathy, astral journeys & out of body experiences, helping the spirit travel through hidden dimensions, activating & stimulating all the Chakras. In physical healing, this crystalis thought to be beneficial to the brain & central nervous system.

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Violet Flame Mystic Qtz Points

Average size & weight
Approximately 15 grams. 2.25"L x 9/16 inch wide.

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