Quartz Pyramid 0.60kg

Quartz Pyramid 0.60kg

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Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Mother Earth and has been used by every society including Atlantis and Lemuria. Quartz is a piezoelectric stone, when pressure is placed on the material it generates millions of vibrations a second. It is used in watches, scanners, lasers, cell phones and medical equipment. This is the perfect vibrational tool as it can be programmed and it amplifies frequency. To program your stone, place your hand over the stone and state your intention as if it were your outcome. It opens and activates all the chakras and is particularly effective for opening the crown chakra and connecting with universal energy. These small pyramids are an excellent tool to use in grids.
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Quartz Pyr 0.60kg

0.60kg. Approximately 3.5" square & 3"high.

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