Watermelon Tourmaline
Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

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Storm Element
  • Excellent for initiating the release of old emotional baggage

Resonating the Pink Ray of love and the Green Ray of healing this stone offers great benefit for healing the heart and emotions. Excellent for initiating the release of old emotional baggage, the Pink Ray opens the heart and gently cleanses while the Green Ray releases the energy and heals. Tourmalines have a lovely cleansing effect on both the physical and etheric bodies, repairing rips and tears in the auric field. They re-energize the emotions and heal the heart. This is a lovely combination for healing old trauma and emotional support.  They stimulate feelings of happiness and release stress and anxiety. Great stone for children, these stones will assist in centering and calming.

Red Beryl

One of the finest vibrations of the powerful Ruby Ray, this stone supercharges and activates the root and heart chakra.  I have never experienced the power of a stone like Red Beryl.  As a vibrational kinesthetic I feel the energy of gemstones and when I put several small stones in my handbag the frequency sent energetic waves from my heart chakra to my root.  This stone supercharges vitality, opening and activating the heart and root chakra.  It makes you feel empowered, dynamic, passionate, confident, compassionate and centered in the heart.  An excellent tool for developing and deepening relationships, personal power and self-confidence.  This stone teaches you about the power of love for yourself and others.

Chains are not included with Pendant purchase. Please open Product Details to view size and further description


Small irregular trillion 2 Stone Watermelon Tourmaline set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium
2nd stone is Red Beryl
Creation bale
Pendant Measures: 32mm L x 14mm W; Stone measures:11mm
Shown on Delicate Link Sterling Silver chain plated in White Rhodium  (not included)

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