Mint Green Spinel
Mint Green Spinel

Mint Green Spinel

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Storm Element
  • A balm for the emotions- they remove the lower emotions

The Mint Green Spinel is an unusual colour of Spinel. They have a wonderful vibration that scans the body removing blockages while opening and activating all the chakras and meridians. A stone of revitalization and victory. Many clients have remarked on the euphoric energy it brings to their life, infusing hope and optimism. A stone that combines the Mint Ray and the Yellow Ray these beautiful gemstones are known as stones of luck, prosperity, abundance and success. A balm for the emotions- they remove the lower emotions including fear and doubt while instilling confidence, happiness and optimism enhancing feelings of freedom.

White Moissanite

White Moissanite resonates with the White Ray of Spirit and the Rainbow Ray of Euphoria. The White Ray is the Supreme Ray that contains and reflects all colours. It resonates to the highest realms and connects us to our soul essence and soul path. The White Ray emanates from our Sacred Source, as it enters our Earth frequency the resonance slows changing from the White Ray to the Rainbow Ray. This slowing of the vibration also makes the colours and Oneness more vivid. This Rainbow Ray activates bliss and deep connection with Spirit. This is the Ray of Euphoria and Unity.

Chains are not included with Pendant purchase. Please open Product Details to view size and further description


Small Trillion Mint Green Spinel set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold
Vine bale
2nd Stone is White Moissanite
Pendant Measures:32mm L x 15mm W: Stone measures: 15mm
Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver chain plated in Yellow Gold (not included)

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