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Storm Element
  • This is the perfect stone for healers and psychics

Connect with your sacred blueprint and activate your highest destiny. Petalite contains Lithium, a master for removing deep trauma imprints and instilling a feeling of calm and contentment. They connect you to the highest dimensions, expanding awareness and activating peace and euphoria. This is the perfect stone for healers and psychics, it opens the gateways to enhance your sacred work. Unusual for such a high vibration stone, it assists in staying grounded while accessing the highest realms. Excellent tool for children experiencing bullying by instilling a sense of protection. Useful for Star Children, releasing the frequency and thereby assisting in resolving anxiety and panic attacks.

2nd Stone is Yellow Danburite

Danburite is known as the Stone of the Angels and is one of the highest frequency tools in the Crystal Kingdom. Yellow Danburite resonates all the energetics of the White Danburite and adds a light bubbly frequency enhancing happiness, activating a cheerful outgoing vibration that enhances enthusiasm and confidence. The Yellow Ray is the Ray of wisdom, consciousness and enlightenment. It stimulates the mind bringing clarity of thought and sharpening the memory. It activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of manifesting by engaging Jupiter, the lucky planet enhancing health, wealth and success. When we activate our Solar Plexus, we are connecting with our core identity. Who we are and what our soul mission is. It gives us confidence, drive and determination to achieve our soul path. This is a stone that will enhance connection with the Christ Consciousness and inner wisdom. A happy, empowering frequency, this is a stone of Double Blessing, enhancing our sacred journey while lifting the spirit and assisting in seeing life through the eyes of happiness.

Chains are not included with Pendant purchase. Please open Product Details to view size and further description


Small Six Side 2 stone Trillion set in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold
2nd stone Yellow Danburite
Lotus bale
Pendant Measures: 32mm L x 14mm W; Stone measures: 14mm
Shown on Italian Sterling Silver 40mm chain plated in Yellow Gold (not included)

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