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  • Supports artistic expression, creativity and originality.

Goshenite resonates a delicate Yin energy that connects with the energy of Divine Feminine. Known as the Mother of all Crystals, it resonates to the energy of the moon. Supports artistic expression, creativity and originality. Known to dispel toxins by supporting the lymph, it’s detoxifying in all aspects and builds the body’s reservoir of energy. This powerful frequency uplifts the energetic and emotional bodies, supporting and easing the mind, and clearing headaches. Enhances clarity, analytical thinking and supports breaking old habits. Goshenite helps discover imbalances and disturbances in the etheric blueprint so they can be cleared before manifesting on the physical plane. A stone of fidelity, truthfulness and respect. This stone actives connection with the energy of pure white light. This is the light we came from and return to, Goshenite activates that connection with spirit and our divine team. White Beryl is the purest form of Beryl. Coloured Beryl contains elements that create stunning powerful gems Morganite, Aquamarine, Heliodor, Emerald and Bixbyite. Like all Beryl, they have excellent durability, toughness and hardness, at 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. Named Goshenite after Goshen, Massachusetts where the stones were first discovered, it’s now mined around the world. Our material is primarily mined in Brazil.


A stone of the Angels, Danburite is known as a stone that activates the higher chakras to the etheric 14th chakra opening an energetic pathway for connecting with the highest realms.  Useful for communication with Guides and Angels.  It clears and activates the crown chakra, integrating it with the heart.  It opens and activates the heart and higher heart filling you with love and a feeling of bliss.  This stone wraps you in the loving vibration of spirit, soothes the emotions, calms stress, releases worry and the lower emotions.  Danburite facilitates interdimensional travel and communication with the galactic family.

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Goshenite in Pear shape set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium
Goddess bale
2nd stone Danburite
Pendant Measures: 411mm L x 12mm W; Stone measures: 17x 12mm
Shown on Delicate Link Sterling Silver chain plated in White Rhodium (not included)

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