Golden Beryl
Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl

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Storm Element
  • Activates the development of personal power

Also known as Golden Beryl, a stone of inspiration, activating vibrant confidence, and physical well being. Heliodor translates from Greek as "Gift from the Sun", attracting wealth, vitality, and happiness. It supercharges Jupiter enhancing success and abundance. Stimulates Yang energy instilling assertiveness and self-confidence. It unites you with the nobility of your soul. Enhances the ability to make decisions based in wisdom even when the emotions may be high. A stone of balance, it boosts drive and determination. Remove irritability, reactivating enthusiasm, inspiring a sense of empowerment in any situation. Heliodor is a stone that nurtures the nurturer. It is said to protect against emotional manipulation and dark energy of any kind. Eases responsibility and assists in balancing home and career. Sharpens the mind and activates the intellect.

2nd Stone is Green Chrysoberyl

This stone unites you with the energy of Kuan Yin, Green Tara and Archangel Raphael and centers you in the energy of loving-kindness. It is the purest emanation of the Green Ray and activates, opens and cleanses the heart and higher heart. Activates growth, renewal, healing, compassion and shielding.  Channelling the highest healing vibrations, removing fear and anxiety. It activates the fresh energy of revitalization and renewal. This stone is a high vibration, and thins the veil between realms and enhances communication with the other side. It is a stone of confidence and empowerment.

Chains are not included with Pendant purchase. Please open Product Details to view size and further description


Raw 2 stone Golden Beryl set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium
2nd Stone is Earth-grown Green Chrysoberyl
Dragon profile bale
Pendant measures: 74mm L x 23mm W; Stone measures: 42mm L x 23mm W
Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium (not included)

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