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MoldaviteMoldavite is a Tektite with a hardness of 6. Known as the Emerald that fell from the sky. A Meteorite fell, landing in Moldavia, in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago forming Moldavite. One of the stones of the Star Children, it activates profound shifts in consciousness. Initiates spiritual awakening and transformation, accelerating one's path of personal evolution. An intense frequency that can activate and cleanse the chakras. It is a stone of spiritual protection. The Cosmic Attunement Stone is said to increase the frequency of human vibration. One of the most easily felt minerals, some find it very stimulating. Moldavite can also have a calming, grounding effect on Star Children.


3 pocket-size pieces of Moldavite -Sizes vary within each category and selection is made randomlyMeasurements: Small pieces approx: 10mm Medium pieces approx: 20mm Large pieces approx: 30mmPerfect for grid building, carrying in your pocket or adding to your space 

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