Indigo Warrior Mystic Quartz

Indigo Warrior Mystic Quartz

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Storm Element
  • Activates compassion, motivation, communication, anti-worry and focus

This is a powerful stone that connects us with the Stars, Mother Earth and our soul journey, the trinity of our spiritual destiny. The “Indigo Warrior’s”, are multi-tasking dynamos, a little attention deficit, a little obsessive-compulsive, warrior spirits. They hate injustice and stand for the highest good of all.Indigo children have been coming to earth for over a hundred years and now are here in the millions to assist Earth as it transitions to a higher vibration. The Indigo Ray assists in connecting the heart and mind, unifying the emotions and logic. It activates compassion, motivation, communication, anti-worry and focus. One of the major challenges felt by Star Children is the disconnection from their galactic origins.This stone assists in connecting with the stars while remaining grounded and focused. It has a high frequency that maintains the high vibrational signature needed for Star Children and also resonates the Platinum Ray, the master healing ray that unites us with our soul essence, and connecting with our sacred journey.


Medium Round dome Indigo Warrior Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated with White Rhodium
Shri Yantra bale
Pendant Measures: 35mm L x 22mmW; Stone is 22mm
Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium (not included). 

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