Amaterasu Mystic Quartz

Amaterasu Mystic Quartz

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Storm Element

This stone connects with the great and glorious Japanese Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. Considered the Mother Goddess of all mankind, she symbolizes purity, order and divine authority. Emanating the Yellow Ray of the Sun and Jupiter this stone activates success, abundance, health and wisdom. Combined with the turquoise ray of happiness it assists in achieving your highest path in this lifetime. Activates the Solar Plexus and connecting with our core identity, who we are and what our soul mission is. It gives us the confidence, drive and determination to achieve our soul path. A stone of Illumination Amaterasu will light your way, dispel illusion, and help you to walk with integrity, confidence and wisdom. She will lead you through the darkness into the light.

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Square cushion cut Amaterasu Mystic Quartz studs in sterling silver and plated in White Rhodium
Stone measures : 7mm
*Due to safety and hygiene there are no returns on earrings

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