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Storm Element
  • Activate growth and stimulate ambition.

Also known as Zultanite, this is a rare color change stone from Turkey. This stone was named after an Ottoman Sultan, it is extremely rare. Like Alexandrite it is a color change stone changing from Kiwi to ranges of Champagne. The stone changes color based on the light source. It is a stone that stimulates the intellect and opens the heart. It is known to activate growth and stimulate ambition.

Imperial Topaz

Topaz is regarded as the "Crystal of Potency". Imperial Topaz is dynamic and motivating. It activates the solar plexus, the seat of manifesting, the third eye and the crown chakra. A stone of the intellect, it enhances wisdom and memory. Activates Jupiter, the lucky planet enhancing success, abundance, joy and health. Utilize this stone to attract your hearts desire. It initiates an intense clarity to ones intention enhancing focus, energy and drive to achieve that desire. Physically and spiritually rejuvenating it connects you with your highest life path. Activates the Golden Ray of the Christ Consciousness, the Ray of Oneness and connection with the energy of the Creator. Excellent for students, it assists in learning new concepts and retaining information. Builds confidence and enhances self-love. An excellent stone for connecting with the energy of the Divine, Ascended Masters, Guides and Angels.Imperial Topaz

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Pear 2 stone Diaspore set in sterling silver plated in Yellow Gold
2nd stone is Imperial Topaz
Goddess bale
Pendant measures:48mm L x 8mm W; Stone measures: 24 x 8mm
Shown on Italian Braid Sterling Silver chain plated in Yellow Gold (not included) 

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