White Sapphire Stone of Light

White Sapphires resonate the soft, loving White Ray of Spirituality and connection with the Divine. This is the Supreme Ray that contains and reflects all colors. Associated with Archangel Metatron, Lord of Sacred Geometry, Archangel of Ascension and Keeper of the Akashic Records. 

Sapphires have long been regarded as stones of royalty and wisdom. Buddhists believe that everyone should wear a Sapphire for balancing and spiritual enlightenment.

Sapphires come in an array of beautiful colours. In our quest to provide vibrationally intense gemstones in large sizes, our collection features Sapphires grown in a lab. They are identical to earth-grown Sapphires in every way; color, crystal structure, hardness, composition, lustre and most importantly vibrational resonance. In fact, the highest grade of earth-grown Sapphires are often mistaken for lab-grown as the only difference are the inclusions found in the earth-grown stone.  Our lab-grown Sapphires are stunning and powerful. 

Emotional Support & Healing

White Sapphires are a soft, supportive vibration. They surround you with the White Light of Spirit. So much of our life path is about the way we see ourselves and our world. White Sapphires plug us into our soul essence and enhance our ability to view our journey with objectivity and connect with our Akashic Records. This activates a knowing when selecting our highest path. Working with Sapphires promotes a positive attitude toward life, enhancing self-motivation and well being. 

Chakra Healing

White Sapphires resonate to the highest chakras, activating a ladder effect opening and activating from the third eye chakra up through the crown, and soul star to the highest etheric chakra's.
The Crown Chakra is our gateway to the universe beyond our physical body and influences how we think and respond to the world around us.  Our crown chakra is the fountainhead of beliefs and connection with our spirituality. By activating our Crown Chakra we connect to our higher self, Universal energy and truth. A balanced Crown Chakra balances our vibration, so we remain confident in setbacks and challenges, knowing they are an important part of our journey on earth. 

The Lightworker Stone

A stone of spiritual awakening, it is useful for Lightworkers, enhancing the ability to download and ground high levels of sacred light. White Sapphire activates the downloading and grounding of pure white light. It stimulates the mind, enhancing wisdom, clarity, objectivity and spiritual awakening. 

Manifesting your Outcome

White Sapphires can be used to amplify other stones, and are highly programmable. To program gaze at the stone and state your intention as if it were the outcome. Bask in the light of the Divine and step into your highest path with White Sapphires. They are stones of enlightenment and spiritual development. Be blessed as we move into the end of the year and prepare for our launch into 2020.