Kate King Jewellery has been a powerful ally for many of you since it was born over 11 years ago.  Kate designs jewellery that focuses on the vibration of gemstones. One of the most profound aspects of Kate's work has led her to understand that wearing vibrational gemstones empowers you to live your life with greater joy and ease.

What would help you to move through your life with more empowerment? Where do you need support in your life? We are all human beings trying to move through our lives with greater ease.  

Are you meeting some challenges at work that you could use some assistance with?  Are you struggling to maintain a loving energy when focusing on  family issues?  Do you want to have more connection with your spirit guides and angels?

Have you been challenged with maintaining clarity to make the best decisions as you move through your life? Do you need to be more kind and loving to yourself?

Our blog will guide you in your education of how you can use the power of gemstones in your daily life to uplift, inspire, de-stress, boost your confidence and bring you joy. Every aspect of the jewellery is designed to incorporate powerful elements with the intention of assisting you to be your best.  

More than just beautiful stones, these are tools of empowerment.  

Many blessings of love and light, Kate King