Star Children and Tools of Light

This year we have been on a journey we never could have imagined. Against all odds, we have been to the wall and now we are ready to get grounded, refocused, shake-off the lower frequencies and go. One of the most powerful ways to manage your state is with vibrational gem tools.  

As Star Children we charted to be here on the earth as we move into the Golden Age.  It is imperative that we manage our state so we can carry the light that is needed at this time without being dragged down by the lower frequencies. Many of the souls here at this time are Star Children. Described as multi-tasking dynamos, a little attention deficit, a little obsessive-compulsive, with a warrior spirit, they dislike injustice and unkindness. Star Children often struggle to fit in here on earth. The Star Souls often feel anxious and experience autoimmune disorders. The soul tends to vibrate such a high frequency it can “burn out” the low-frequency physical body causing these issues. 

Star Children are natural empaths, this is another thing that makes them different, in an effort to fit in they close the third eye to block clairvoyance.  This closing of the Third Eye Chakra leads to migraine headaches. Star Children also tend to close the throat so they can communicate with the mind rather than using the voice, this can cause issues with the throat and thyroid. Gemstones increase the physical vibration making it more comfortable to live in the physical body. Specific stones will balance and open the chakras that are imbalanced or closed. Vibrational gem tools are a beautiful way to manage the physical state. Especially at this time when people are experiencing events they feel are unacceptable or don’t match their belief system, using powerful Tools of Light to assist in managing the state is a great asset for all, not just those that identify as Star Children.

According to the Law of One, we are all connected to the energetic grid and like so many struggle with the lower vibrations these energies are pulling the frequency down for everyone. Many empaths are feeling this lower energy so managing the state to feed the grid with love, harmony, and happiness so all will be supported is part of our mission.

Staying in loving-kindness as the energy ebbs and flows is imperative. Staying out of judgement, being supportive and kind is our main mission. Remember when something really bothers you it is also part of your learning and important that you move through it in harmony, not judgement. Judgement builds karma!