So what is a “Star Child?”

Last post I talked about how vibrational gemstones help out Star Children, but
You May Be Wondering Who Are Star Children?
Credit: Josephine Wall
Credit: Josephine Wall

What is the difference between Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children?

A Star Child belongs to a group of souls who have agreed to come to Earth to assist in the evolution of the earth. Star Souls have been incarnating on earth for over 100 years with the first wave being the original Indigos.

Indigo Children can be described as multi tasking dynamos, a little attention deficit, a little obsessive compulsive. They have a warrior spirit and hate injustice more than anything.

The name Indigo describes their auric field. The early Indigos were pioneers with a strong spirit.  After World War II many Indigos came to earth to anchor justice and bring in new technology to propel the development of earth’s society. The 50’s to 70’s ushered in a major wave of Indigo souls. These are the souls who brought in to cut down the existing injustices and antiquated laws. The Indigos are the ones who brought in the technical revolution and ushered in the world wide web. Highly sensitive and psychic, many don’t like these gifts that make them feel isolated and different. In an effort to fit in they often close the third eye to limit their gift of clairvoyance causing issues with migraine headaches.  Indigos are often labeled as Attention Deficit (ADD) or Hyperactive (ADHD).

Crystal children are the next generation of Star Souls. You will know the Crystal Children by their eyes. Beautiful large eyes full of kindness and love.

They began coming in 1990 although some scouts arrived earlier. The Crystals are nature loving, gentle souls who operate as a group with a global consciousness, they live by the law of one. They understand the inter connective nature of all living beings. They are gentle, loving and forgiving. Extremely clairvoyant and can sense when someone is lying to them. They shut down in the face of violence or negative emotion. They are here to bring love and peace to this planet.  Many Crystals have difficulty in a school environment finding it difficult to focus and conform to the classroom rules. Crystals are non verbal communicators so they often speak later than other children. Indigos that spend time with Crystals will notice their gifts of clairvoyance is enhanced. Indigos are syncing to the Crystal energetic and will become more like the Crystals. 

The Rainbow Children are highly evolved souls that have not incarnated before on earth. They are the third generation of Star Children here to complete the last stages of the work laid out by the Indigo and Crystal Children.

Many of today’s Rainbow Children are acting as scouts as others follow. They have been born from Crystal parents as the Crystal Children mature. The Rainbow children bring joy and harmony to their families. Souls in service, they are kind and loving. They are fearless. They have an extremely high vibration which can present as hyperactivity. They are very enthusiastic and respond to colour as can be seen in their creativity. They are skilled in manifesting and think that they can manifest most anything. They exhibit strong healing and telepathic abilities. Here on a mission of service, these children are always working to help others.

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