Scapolite Stone of Achievement and Motivation

“New Year New You!” What is it about the beginning of a new year that brings the inevitable resolutions and determination to improve? 

For many it's the psychological connection to leave behind the old and restart with a fresh year ahead. We all have old habits we want to release and make better choices. Easy to make the resolution but what happens to it a week or two in? Or did you even start?

Square Scapolite set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

If getting started is your challenge Scapolite is perfect for anti-procrastination as it helps clear inertia. It is one of my favourite stones for self-discipline. Scapolite assists in releasing blocked energy from your body emotionally and physically  As we move forward, old issues are released replaced with the energy of transformation. 

A Scapolite is an amazing tool for balancing all our chakras.  It helps release any blockages in your energy flow so you can make solid decisions and release your fears. 

A stone of achievement and motivation, transformation inspires one to take action. It is useful for breaking through old patterning, removing emotional baggage, and activates the release of old karma. It promotes change and moving forward on your path with determination and confidence.

It prevents self-sabotage so you can break free from old patterns and stick with it. It assists in taking responsibility for past choices but removes self-blame. If we can remove self-blame we can realign our emotions by releasing the old and promotes change. Scapolite is calming so it removes rashness, irritability and encourages a balanced reaction.

If meditation is on your list of personal goals, Scapolite is an excellent assistant for meditating as it helps you release unnecessary thoughts and feelings. It assists in our connection with our higher self and the Divine. 
Wishing you Golden Blessings for 2020. May it be full of intention, joy and fulfillment.