Personal Empowerment for Challenging Times

There is no question we are experiencing some challenging times. As the media bombards us with reports of COVID-19,  news of cancelled events and imposed quarantines are coming nonstop. The fear of transmission, travel, and running out of necessities promotes fear as markets and economies react to existing conditions. It is so easy to slip into the lower emotions as we observe what’s happening. It’s very important to manage our state so we don’t become part of the tidal wave of reactivity with panic and anxiety. As I travel through Asia I see how important it is to remain calm and maintain balance and harmony.
When you elevate your frequency, you are able to move through challenges grounded and level headed. Maintaining your high vibration changes everything so the energy you send into the grid is strong, positive and nurturing. It bolsters your family and community to match your frequency effectively elevating the vibration of all those with whom we interact.

Breakthrough fear, anxiety and panic with Vibrational Gemstones

To support you, we've created the Personal Empowerment promotion. Beginning today, our three primary support gemstones are 30 percent off to help you manage your state.

Sage Mystic Quartz
Storm Element

Emanating the Olive Green Ray and the Platinum Ray. Creates a sense of self-worth, increases self-love, compassion and renewal. Opens the chakras from the earth star to the highest etheric chakras assisting in feeling connected, centred and balanced. It helps you develop a feeling of peace and harmony by centring the emotions.

Avatar Mystic Quartz
Storm Element
This stone combines the Golden Ray of unity consciousness and connecting with the highest aspect of our soul, combined with the Violet Ray of transformation dissolving lower emotions and uniting with the energy of spirit. Avatars are the manifestation of Supreme Beings in human form. They fight against injustice, restore the balance of nature, teach enlightenment, and wisdom. Walk with grace, empowerment and purpose. This stone connects us to the wisdom of the Divine and activates our desire to create for the good of all.

Nirvana Mystic Quartz
Storm Element
The powerful Magenta Ray and the Green Ray combine to create a stone of Oneness. The Violet Ray of the crown chakra and the Ruby Ray of the root chakra unite and meet in the eighth chakra, the soul star, symbolizing the unification of the beginning and end. The influences that create suffering through thoughts and emotions naturally dissolve. This is the gateway to Ascension, revealing your true essence, unlimited love, harmony, joy, and liberation. The Green Ray opens heart chakra enhancing healing, forgiveness, love and growth.

These gemstones are suitable for every Vibrational Profile so it's just a matter of choosing what resonates as the best support for you. If you wish to have one of our Vibrational Consultants guide you, we welcome you to visit our Banff and Calgary stores. We continue to maintain our high standard of cleanliness and have increased protocols to ensure all surfaces and hands are safely sanitized throughout the day. 

As we move through these challenging times with a mindset of strength and optimism we become beacons of stability and grace. Maintain faith, this is the energy that we need to hold now, knowing that we will get through these uncertain times.