Moldavite What is it? And why you need to add it to your Toolkit

We love Moldavite sooo much that we wanted to share this orignal blog post from March 2019

Known as the “Cosmic Attunement Stone”-Moldavite activates profound shifts in consciousness. Moldavite is a tektite that formed when a Meteorite fell in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago.  It is a powerhouse of Galactic energy and considered to be the only gem grade tektite found. Also known as the stone of the Star Children as wearing it is very comforting and assists them in feeling "at home". 

Moldavite is one of the only stones that can actually produce physical side effects due to its ability to open the chakras and stimulate the physical body. Some people experience a flushing reaction as the physical vibration is increased, others experience headaches as the stone activates and awakens the crown and third eye chakra. These side effects generally only last for a couple of days. We always recommend observing your body, if you feel a headache or flush effect take a 20-minute break and slowly allow your body to acclimatize to the frequency of the Moldavite.

What is the difference between Moldavite and Besednice Moldavite?

Besednice is the highest quality of Moldavite. It vibrates at a higher frequency than regular Moldavite and can be identified by its delicate, lacey formation, translucency, and beautiful rich mossy green colour.  The shapes often look like angels. Regular Moldavite has a matte finish, the surface is not as textured as the Besednice Moldavites and the frequency is much lower.
Moldavite from Chlum
The Highest Grade of Moldavite
Besednice Moldavite
Star Children tend to find the Besednice Moldavites easier to wear. Even though Moldavite has a reputation of being very   “spacey” but most Star Children find it comforting, centering and grounding to wear.
Star Children feel like it's a piece of home connecting them to the vibration of the galaxy. It is very protective and shielding assisting in removing anything that is not serving their sacred path and literally propelling them onto their sacred life path.

Which Moldavite has the highest vibration?

The resonance is directly related to the quality of the Moldavite. The highest grade is Besednice Moldavite found in and around the Besednice townsite and surrounding fields in the Czech Republic. This area has a very unique soil composition. When the Meteorite hit the ground it fused with the minerals in the soil producing a highly textured material called hedgehog. The Besednice plot was mined out about a decade ago and the availability has dropped causing prices to skyrocket.
Now Besednice Moldavite is only available from private collectors and most of these collections have been sold making this material rare and highly coveted. My business partner, Mike King, and I have been working with Moldavite miners and collectors for many years. We have been fortunate to work with some of the most beautiful Moldavites in the world. We value our relationship with our trusted knowledgeable miners and collectors to bring the best of the best Moldavites to you.

How do we know if it is authentic?

This is of great concern in the marketplace. We have had many discussions with our Moldavite Miners and Collectors regarding fake Moldavite and how to identify it. Mike and I first saw counterfeit Moldavite in India about 10 years ago. It was obviously counterfeit as about 10 pieces looked exactly alike as they had been made in a single mould.

There are many characteristics that identify counterfeit Moldavite, here are a few to consider:
    • The colour is off-the colour, lustre, and texture is slightly different than genuine Moldavite.
    • Shape too uniform-Counterfeiters make moulds from individual pieces of genuine Moldavite and then melt coloured glass to create the knock-offs.
    • Glass fakes do not contain “wires” of lechatelierite and microscopic bubbles.

There are many unscrupulous dealers interested in capitalizing on the rarity of Moldavite.  Be careful to purchase from a reputable seller, as it is easy to be fooled if you are not familiar with it. There are great resources online that describe in detail the composition of it and how to identify genuine Moldavite.
We began collecting Moldavite over 15 years ago because of its high frequency and unique beauty.  I felt it was an important stone for Star Children to help them feel more at home on earth. It is particularly valuable for children who have challenges with focus or have been labelled OCD or ADD. Moldavite is a great ally for them to be more focused and centered.
When setting these exquisite pieces, I carefully consider the best way to showcase its beauty as well as maintain its high vibration. I combine Moldavite with very high resonance stones that feed the Moldavites high frequency and activate the connection with your sacred path.

How do I keep my Moldavite energetically clean and vibrating at its highest resonance?

Moldavite is a solar stone resonating to the frequency of the sun. Clean and charge your stone by placing it on a window sill where you know the sun’s rays will see the stone for 30 minutes once a week. You can also accomplish this by wearing your Moldavite in the sun for 30 minutes a week. This will keep your stone vibrating at its maximum resonance. If you find your Moldavite getting dull, you can brush it a very small amount of Olive Oil to restore the lustre.

What will Moldavite do for me?

We love working with Moldavite because it initiates spiritual awakening and transformation, accelerating your personal evolution.  It motivates you to explore your sacred path. It opens a pathway of light through the Crown Chakra that centers at the heart. Moldavite propels you onto your sacred path, eliminating anything that is not serving you. Moldavite is a protection stone wrapping the wearer in a cloak of protection.

Moldavite is Kate's Pick of the Month.  If you are thinking of adding this magnificent vibrational dynamo to your Toolkit, don’t wait too long! The supply is finite and the cost is increasing at a rapid pace. We are proud to be part of the global Moldavite community. We are committed to sharing our stories of the Moldavites and bringing this amazing Galactic stone to you.