Libra, The Wind Element and Venus, The Goddess of Ideal love

Libra, Wind Element

September 23-October 22

As represented by the Libra scales, balance and equality are very important themes for you.  
  • Even though you are a strong believer in Justice, you are most interested in keeping the peace rather than partaking in controversy.  
  • You crave recognition and strive to achieve success in this lifetime.
  • You are intellectual and honest with the ability to handle challenging tasks with a level head.  
  • You are a natural mediator with great diplomacy and charm.
  • You seek harmony and are level headed so practical solutions are your natural gift.

Bringing and maintaining balance in your life brings you a sense of relief and keeps you happiest.

Your ruling planet is Venus, which resonates the frequency of love and beauty.  It is a symbol of idealistic love.   It gives you a deep appreciation of art and the beautiful things this world has to offer. Quality is more important to you than quantity. Cooperating in a partnership is one of your core values as being alone is not very appealing. You work well with a group and your diplomacy often comes in handy.

One of the most valuable gemstones for your toolkit is the Atlantean and Paraiba Effect Spinel. It wraps you in the turquoise ray of love and happiness.  This stone will assist you in vibrating the frequency of balance.  Very calming and centering energy that will assist you in moving through your life with happiness and personal power.